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[ FIX ] Ubuntu 20.04 Bluetooth doesn't Turn On

I have been using a Logitech Bluetooth keyboard for a while now with my Ubuntu 20.04. Everything worked well without any issues until one day the operating system refused to turn on the Bluetooth. I could toggle Bluetooth On button from the Settings, but it did nothing. 

After spending some time Google Searching why my Bluetooth started not working all of a sudden, and after trying a variety of commands to troubleshoot the problem, I finally found a working fix for this issue.

Open a Terminal ( Ctrl + Alt + T ) and enter below commands one after another. 

sudo rmmod btusb

sudo modprobe btusb

That's it. Your Bluetooth issue would be now solved. 

I can guarantee you this problem is going to pop-up every now and then. So copy the above commands to a text file for future uses. Sometimes, even after entering above commands the bluetooth would refuse to turn on. In such cases, just Suspend the system and then wake up it again and check.


  1. well done! bravo! it fixed it, didn't have to mess with settings, and it works after restart. Genius!

  2. it fixed it but when i turned it off again same problem and this time above commands did not work

  3. no to me i doesn;t work i can not turn on my bluetooth it is just turn off options. i tried from comand line but still same result

  4. You are amazing dude.. Really appreciable...Would like to really know how you come to have such an easy solution for such an irritating problem...Please

  5. You are legend, I used to restart laptop, which is pain. By the way, can you tell me what is the issue with bluetooth on ubuntu

  6. Great fix!! works like a charm. Thanks man.

  7. it doesn't work for me
    i have asus tuf a 17 amd ryzen 7 laptop

    1. In your canse, try installing a newer kernel for Bluetooth fix. I am currently using Kernel 5.15.0-051500-generic on my A17 with 4800H CPU. Bluetooth works.


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